BBR Donates Items to Meet Needs of French Immersion Students

When we think of investing in community service, one of the most relatable industries is education – whether public, charter or private. There’s something about supporting our youth and their educators that feels like a natural process in the cycle of life. Most of us can remember those early years in kindergarten or first grade. We might remember the look of the school, our classmates or teachers, but do we ever think about the partnerships and community initiatives that made great things happen? Do we remember backpack drives or uniform donations? As adults, working as business leaders, philanthropists and parents, we often feel the instinctual desire to support our schools as the ultimate do-gooders – which is why BBR chose École Saint-Landry, a free public charter school, to support as one of its 25 Year Anniversary “Do Good” initiatives.

Together with community members, businesses and invested citizens, BBR proudly donated uniforms for students attending a tuition-free, public, French immersion school located in St. Landry Parish. École Saint-Landry will soon be welcoming kindergarten and first grade students back to school, with the addition of their inaugural second grade class. The school first opened its doors to students from all over St. Landry Parish for the 2021-2022 school year with just the two primary grade levels, with the mission of “prepar[ing] students from the Acadiana region to be academically proficient, bilingual, and globally competent.”

The giving program is year-round, with the goal of having uniforms and supplies donated by the end of the summer, so that staff are prepared for the upcoming August 11 start date – this year is set to welcome 126 learners. As you can imagine, young students can often have bathroom or physical accidents, and the worst thing that can happen to disrupt the learning process is lack of resources to quickly respond to and move forward from an unforeseen event like that. Having those extra uniforms on-hand allows the school staff to discreetly provide comfort to those students and the ability to return to class focused on learning. The school’s visionary leader, Lindsay Smythe, recently shared with us, “If a student doesn’t have an extra set of clothes at school, they have to wait in the office in their unclean clothes until someone can drive to school to bring them a fresh set. Donations like this help us send students back to class as soon as possible, therefore alleviating any missed class time or negative feelings of self worth.”

The following items can be dropped off at their main office, located at 671 Napoleon Avenue in Sunset, during normal business hours:

  • New underwear for boys/girls for sizes 4T-10
  • Bottoms in khaki, navy or denim in sizes 4T-10
  • Shirts (uniform or school appropriate t-shirts) in sizes 4T-10
  • Socks in sizes 4T-medium

As an industry leader that values multiculturalism and competency in a global market, we appreciate schools like this that foster well-rounded, diverse young learners while realizing the importance of very basic things that could negatively impact positive experiences.

For more information on École Saint-Landry’s philanthropic opportunities or to get involved with the school, click here.

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, BBR is committing to 25 “Do-Good” activities in 2022 that benefit the people we care about most: our partners, our employees and the awesome members of our community. That’s 25 chances to give back. 25 moments to remember how we got here. And 25 ways to highlight our bright future ahead. Check out more “Do-Good” activities here.