BBR Supports Lafayette Community Fridge Opening at Fightingville Fresh Market

The community fridge project is a philanthropic effort started in Lafayette by Fightingville Fresh and Lafayette Community Fridge; with a mission to tackle food insecurities and bridge the gap between social and human services. Over 3,000 residents are able to access this and many other fridges, stocked with fresh, healthy food options and dried goods.

As part of our “do-good” efforts, the BBR team donated a refrigerator/freezer combo to Lafayette Community Fridge to be placed at Fightingville Fresh, 315 W Simcoe Street, Lafayette, Louisiana. In addition to the fridge itself, BBR designed and installed a vinyl wrap with the help of our friends at Lowry’s Printing & Signs and sponsored the construction of the surrounding structure to ensure there would be ample space outside of the elements for both the community refrigerator and pantry to live.

“This project was one of those perfect win-win situations that only comes along every so often. The chance to make a tangible and meaningful contribution to our new neighbors, while also helping to fulfill BBR’s mission of philanthropy… all while having the freedom to express my creativity? It’s a dream. I’m honored to be a part of it, and I can’t wait to see the community using it.”

Blake Lagneaux, BBR Creative Director

About Lafayette Community Fridge
Lafayette Community Fridge (LCF) is a local community mutual aid group established in 2020, with the sole purpose of providing free food to communities in need. Fridges and pantries serve Lafayette and Vermilion Parishes, and are funded and stocked by community donations and grants. In addition to food items, locations provide hygiene items and other everyday needs. The average operational cost to run a community fridge is $30-50 a month, which covers the electricity. To learn more about the LCF’s project and locations click here.

About Fightingville Fresh Market
The Fightingville Fresh Food Pantry, established in 2021, was modeled after the Lafayette Community Fridge concept and is located at 315 W Simcoe Street; home of the Tuesdays and Saturdays Fightingville Fresh Market. In partnership with community businesses, market vendors and citizens, the pantry provides free dry and canned foods that don’t require refrigeration. To learn more about the food pantry or other Fightingville Fresh programs click here.

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, BBR is committing to 25 “Do-Good” activities in 2022 that benefit the people we care about most: our partners, our employees and the awesome members of our community. That’s 25 chances to give back. 25 moments to remember how we got here. And 25 ways to highlight our bright future ahead. Check out more “Do-Good” activities here.