BBR Honors Core Value, “Be a Decent Human Being,” with Client-Partner Ochsner Lafayette General.

At BBR Creative, our core values are guiding lights, leading us to do great work and become better each day. Integrity is a big deal around our office as we each strive to “Be a Decent Human Being.” For us to do our best work, we have to connect with others. This means leading our professional and personal lives with respect honesty and compassion — and always being willing to lend a helping hand.

We began the celebration of our 25th year by creating an uplifting banner and cards for the healthcare workers at Ochsner Lafayette General. We hand delivered personalized notes of gratitude from each employee of the agency to the many healthcare workers that have been giving their all since the pandemic first began.

This do-good activity with our client-partner reminds us that caring for those in our community who are sick, suffering or simply in need of a smile and giving thanks where thanks is due, helps us all to be “decent human beings.”

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, BBR is committing to 25 “Do-Good” activities in 2022 that benefit the people we care about most: our partners, our employees and the awesome members of our community. That’s 25 chances to give back. 25 moments to remember how we got here. And 25 ways to highlight our bright future ahead. Check out more “Do-Good” activities here.